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LIAM 475 – Be A Visionary

Are you a visionary? A visionary is a person who has original ideas about what the future will or could be like. So many people are living day to day without a clear vision for what they want to become or express through their life. However, your ability to endure difficult circumstances is directly proportional […]

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LIAM 474 – Do the Impossible!

The word “impossible” is defined as something that is “not able to occur, exist, or be done.” What’s missing from the definition, however, is the idea of “in this moment.” Just because it cannot be done presently, doesn’t mean it can’t be done in the future. Everything that currently exists was, at one point, impossible. […]

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Most of us are looking for validation, our sense of worthiness, from other people or from material things. Listen carefully: You ARE worthy, just as you are! When own this truth, you will live a peaceful, beautiful life that will attract people and things to you in a healthy way. Listen as I explain: Listen […]

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When you’re stressed out and consumed with thoughts of how to solve problems, you are not in an energetic state where health and creativity can exist–you are trapped in a Beta energy. Through the proper use of visualization, you can quickly shift into Alpha and Theta energy states. This is where life’s magic happens! Listen […]

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A listener recently asked me: “How do I move through the paralyzing grief of the death of my son?” In this episode, I share my own experience of how I learned to live after the death of my daughter. How I moved through the stages of grief and embraced life through gratitude. Listen as I explain: […]

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LIAM 470 – An Invitation to the Party

There’s a lot of talk and teaching about Mindfulness and living in the now–most of which is very helpful. However, how we live “in the now,” how we feel in the moment, and what actions we take or don’t take today, are directly shaped by what we believe about the future. Listen as I explain: […]

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LIAM 468 – Caitlyn’s Story

Caitlyn was a very cute, outgoing, but slightly overweight, 6th grade girl, who very much wanted to be on her school’s cross country team. Caitlyn had a problem, though. It’s called “self-doubt.” She didn’t think she could run. When she took the first steps, however, her world changed. Her story of “I can’t” changed to […]

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“Thank You!” is the most powerful prayer you can pray! I’ll admit that it’s easy to say “thank you” for the gifts and the obvious good things that come into my life. The hardest, yet the most fruitful, work I’ve ever done, however, is to be thankful for EVERYTHING! I’ve learned there is always something […]

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February is the month where most New Year’s resolutions die. Most people give up on their goals because they don’t have the perseverance to keep going. We lack perseverance because the goal was not attached to a deep purpose or core value, something deep inside us that seeks creative expression in the world. Are your […]

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